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Buddha's Light Hsi Lai Saturday Chinese School 1998-1999 Information

  September 1998 to June 1999 (Every Saturday)
  Morning Class: 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  Afternoon Class: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Student Age Range:
  5-18 years
  Enrollment fee- $20
  Tuition- $220
  PTA fee- $10
  Checks payable to B.L.H.L.S.
Registration Dates:
  First phase: [over]
  Second phase: new students please register between
  June 21 and August 18, 1998 during office hours or
  mail Hsi Lai School during the above dates.  New
  students will receive a school bag.
  Waiting List: students who are on the waiting list will
  be admitted only if there is space available.  Please
  check with the office between August 9 through
  August 27.

  Both morning and afternoon sessions are the same
  30 Minutes Buddhism Class
  3 Hours Chinese Class (Book 3 and under)
  2 Hours Chinese Class (Book 4 and up)
  1 Hour Extracurricular Activity (Book 4 and up)
Extracurricular Activity:
  Each student can select an activity of his/her interest. 
  Each activity has limited space.  Therefore, please
  indicate your child's second and third choice on the
  registration form.
  Morning ECA's: basketball, art, or computer*
  Afternoon's ECA's: basketball, art, computer*,
  dance, or poem recitation
  *there is an additional $100 maintenance fee for
  computer class
  If the school is unable to place a student in class due
  to limited space, they will be placed on a waiting list,
  or the tuition will be fully refunded.

  Vegetarian lunch buffet and salad bar is offered to
  students at the discount price of $2.00
Closing Ceremony:

  Honor-roll awards recognition, talent show and
  snacks. All parents welcome.
  School bus pickup service is available for Hacienda
  Heights, Rowland Heights, and Diamond Bar areas.
Discounts, Late Charge, Refund Policy and Fines:
  10% off for the second child from same family
  Registration before 5/31/98:
    For returning students, registration fee waived
    For new students, choice of uniform or backpack
  Registration after 6/20/98:
    Late charge of $20 will be added
    Only granted with written notice signed by 
    parents/guardians- 100% = notification before
    session starts, 90% = notification during first week
    of session, 70% = second week, 50% = third
    week, 0% = after fourth week of session
    Compensation will be requested for ruin/damage of
      school equipment and supplies
    Late pickup fee is $2.00 per 10 minutes.  Latest
      pick up times: before 1:00 PM for half day class,
      6:00PM for full day class.

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For morning session students, parents are responsible for their children's safety after 12:00 PM

For afternoon session students, parents must pick up their children before 5:10 PM.  A fee of $2 will be assigned for every ten minutes thereafter.

Any student who misses school three times in one semester without notification from parents will be automatcially expelled.

Buddhism is an essential part of the school.  Any student who misses three class periods will not be able to receive any awards at the end of the school session.

Any damages to school properties must be compensated according to present value of said property.  Any student who violates school regulations will be suspended.

The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any students.

For safety's sake, uniforms are required during regular school hours.  Failure to meet the dress code will be treated as a violation of school regulations.