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South Plainfield Borough Labor Day Parade
NJBLIA Promotes Vege Plan A
The New Jersey Chapter of BLIA participated in the 61st Labor Day Parade held in South Plainfield for the seventh consecutive year on the morning of September 3, 2018. For the first time, this event activity was organized by the Outreach Subchapter of NJBLIA. The Lead Coordinator of Outreach Subchapter, Leo Ho, and 34 NJBLIA members wearing Buddha's light vests and hats with US flag symbols marched 5 miles along the proceeding. They waved US flag and echoed the theme of this year's parade, "South Plainfield, We Are family".

Holding the NJBLIA banner at the forefront were Daniel Alva, Ray Winnicki and John Neesan. Following the banner was the dazzling float transformed from the Outreach Subchapter member Max Wei¡¦s sporty car. The theme was a 5 feet tall Shami statue with joined palms surrounded by fruits and vegetable shaped balloons on top of car. The float attracted a lot of attention and applause from the parade goers along the way. NJBLIA members shook hands and chatted with the parade goers along the way to spread the affinity of Buddha¡¦s Light people.

The parade ended at the South Plainfield Middle School that was also the site for Community Fair. NJBLIA set up a tent to introduce and promote the " Vege Plan A¡¨. They displayed and distributed the ¡§Environmental and Spiritual Preservation¡¨ booklets to the public. They also displayed the poster for "The Buddha Biography" opera to be performed in the Hunter College of New York in November. Mayor Matthew Anesh and City Councilor Joseph Wolak visited NJBLIA booth and took photo with NJBLIA members. Leo Ho expressed that through organizing activities we can strengthen communication and understanding among members. He hopes that we have successfully promoted the Vege A Plan.

BLIA Backpack Donation
Buddha¡¦s Light International Association, New Jersey Chapter donated backpacks and stationery to students in need of South Plainfield. President Yiwen Chiang, Vice President Paul Tong, and Dharma Teacher Kenneth Holloway along with 7 members brought the goods to Heather Barry, director of Social Service/Welfare department on 7/31.

Starting May, Dharma Teacher Kenneth, Mrs. Holloway, and President Chiang started the search for backpacks of different colors and forms so that no kid would have the same design. The stationery included notepads, loose leaf paper, folders, pens, markers, coloring pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers and ear buds.

In addition to donation to this event, BLIA NJ also included the proceeds of charity sales from various activities. President Chiang said that as a local community member, BLIA NJ donates twice a year to the Food Pantry including winter clothes. She thanked members for helping to stuff the stationery into the backpacks.

Mr. Tsai and Presdient Chiang said though their own children are no longer in schools, this donation reminded them of what they had to do when the kids were young. They were glad that they could help the children of South Plainfield to get ready for school.

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