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Buddha¡¦s Light International Association New Jersey Chapter 2018 Annual General Meeting
Buddha¡¦s Light International Association New Jersey Chapter held the 2018 Annual General Meeting in the afternoon of December 9. Supervisor Wei Chien Kuo, Supervisor Kong Hsingling, Abbess Ru Yang, and Venerable Chuehchan were present. At the venue, more than 60 members participated in the annual meeting.

Four subchapters including Warren, Edison, South Region, and Outreach were formally established in the meeting. President Chiang Yiwen presented the president of each subchapter, Xiong Jia, Wang Zhongzheng, Li Guanying and Lenny Ho with straps and flags. The attendees witnessed this historical moment of BLIA NJ Chapter. In addition, new members Wu Jinding, Awyoung Weelam and Vice PresidentTong Zhenbang shared their experiences in attending the World General Conference.

President Chiang Yiwen shared a few good news with all members: 1. New Jersey Chapter was awarded the Excellence in Growth Award 2. NJ Chapter has networked closely with the local community, using charity services to spread the good deeds. 3. 10 new members joined the BLIA family 4. Established four subchapters. President Chiang Yiwen gave a detailed presentation with slides of the events and activities for the members. She also read out the important resolutions of 2018 World General Conference. In recent years, the New Jersey Chapter has actively donated the book, 365 Days for Travelers, implemented localization of Buddhism, interacted with the community, expanded the cultivation of Humanistic Buddhism talents, and participated in community environmental clean-up activities. On the basis of the existing foundation, the chapter will continue to deepen its efforts in "Faith & Heritage", promote the "Complete Works of the Venerable Master Hsing Yun", spread family outreach, endorse "Vege Plan A", support "Buddhist multimedia communication", and establish "Fo Guang Choir." Board members will be delegated to each project for carrying out the activities and reporting back to the members.

Venerable Chuehchan reminded everyone the reason of organizing subchapters is to promote Humanistic Buddhism in our own neighborhood. She encouraged all to keep up the endeavor and to pass down the heritage to the future generations. She also introduced Ms. Jiang Zhu, who moved from Chicago to New Jersey, and welcomed her to join the New Jersey Chapter.

Abbess Ru Yang said setting up subchapters is to implemented localization and to look after members better. It also means the legacy of New Jersey Chapter. With careful cultivation of the next generation, the sustainable development will follow. She encouraged the presidents and members of these new subchapters to pick up the responsibilities of the Buddha. With confidence, willingness, joy, and commitment, there will be the cause and condition for growth. She also said the path to Bodhisattva can¡¦t be rushed. With determination, the path will last and be completed. Every step will leave its footprint on the path of our practice. As long as we are willing, the world will change for us. Lastly, she shared a saying of Venerable Master Hsing Yun with all; ¡§Spread the seed of Fo Guang Bodhi across the five continents, when it¡¦s fruition time, the brightness will be shone across the universe.¡¨

BLIA New Jersey helped the South Plainfield food bank deliver warm tidings

With Thanksgiving approaching, the president of the New Jersey Chapter of Buddha¡¦s Light International (NJBLIA), Yiwen Chiang and 6 other representatives from the Chapter visited the South Plainfield Department of Social Services on November 8, 2018 to donate almost 400 groceries to the South Plainfield Food Bank. The items were collected from the members of NJBLIA in the past month. The director of the Social Services, Ms. Heather Harry accepted the donations and expressed gratitude on behalf of the Township to the NJBLIA for its care and contribution to the community.

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